Korloff cut

Korloff cut

"Because love is eternal,
Because diamonds express eternity and immensity of feeling,
Because of their brilliance and invariability."


The diamond is an inexhaustible source of inspiration.
Our passion is nourished but the natural beauty of this precious stone.



A quest for excellence


Korloff has pushed back the established limits to offer you pieces of jewellery that are as original as they are extraordinary and created its very own diamond cuts: K73 and K88.
Years of research have gone into resolving the complex calculations on the penetration of light into diamonds. The brilliance of their sparkle and the dispersion of light are ‘maximised’.



Inspired by the emblematic Black Korloff weighing 88 carats, this cut reveals a star in its heart. Cut into a round shape, there are 40 facets on the crown and 48 on the pavilion, which sparkle like fireworks.



The beauty of this cut derives primarily from the 41 facets on the crown and the 32 facets on the pavilion.
With its sophisticated octagonal shape, the K73 cut combines classicism and modernity: refined elegance with a hint of originality



The Korloff cuts are at the heart of our bridal collections. These diamonds are delicately set to highlight the exceptional work of our craftsmen.







Carat is a unit of measurement defining the weight of the diamond. The higher the carat, the bigger the diamond.


Cut refers to the shape of the diamond and therefore the number of facets it has. To readily reflect light, the choice of cut is crucial. The grading of cuts ranges from ‘Excellent’ to ‘Average’.



The colour of a diamond is its shade of colour. Perfect transparency and therefore absence of shade will be represented by the letter D. The darker the shade, the higher the letter, which can go all the way to Z. A coloured diamond is, however, extremely rare and the pallet of possible shades vast.


Clarity expresses the presence of inclusions at the heart of the diamond and any external “blemishes”. The size, position and number of inclusions are taken into consideration on a scale ranging from ‘Internally Flawless’ (no inclusions at the heart of the diamond) to I3, where inclusions are visible to the naked eye.

Korloff Cut
The Korloff cut is recognised for enhancing the diamond sparkle. Whether it is round or octagonal, it irradiates an enchanting, captivating light.
As a strong symbol of well-oiled know-how, the Korloff cut fascinates and seduces at a glance.


Delivered with a laser inscription on the girdle, the Korloff cut are certified by the International Gemological Institute and internationally recognized.


Guaranteeing the origin of our diamonds for us is not an obligation but clearly a choice.
Korloff supports and applies the Kimberley Process.