The Creative Approach

The Creative Approach

Korloff has always cultivated a quest for excellence and reaching beyond the norm.

Driven by the desire of offering a very different concept and to surprise with new features, the brand launched 3 main innovations which have defined its unique history.

The Atelier - Excellence of the Creation


The family company’s strengths are derived from French luxury traditions and cultivated jewelry expertise.
Korloff set up his workshop in Lyon, a special and unique space where the creations come to live.


From the drawing, called « gouaché » to the final polishing, including the prototyping or the setting, each creation comes to live step by step. The creative process is a perfect combination of emotion, know-how and experience. Passion of the gesture guides the master craftsmen in purest jewelry tradition.


Jewellery - Lacquer, a trademark of the brand


Korloff has always proceeded in an unexpected way, working with unusual materials like mother-of-pearl, lacquer, black gold or even fossil elements.
The perfect mastery of lacquer took everyone by surprise.


In 1981, the famous lacquered palmets appeared in the Saint Petersburg Collection, with different colors - blue, red, green and black.
Each customer can underline their singularity by changing the colors of the palmets thanks to an ingenious micro-screw system.


Lacquer and palmets have become a trademark of the brand. Today, more than 14 colors of lacquer are available to customize the creations.

Timepiece - A real technical feat for a unique creation


Korloff took on the challenge to combine several traditional know-how in the same case to offer to its customers a unique creation.
“This revolution” was born with the Voyager collection.


Korloff designed a timepiece with two watch-dials and a bi-material bracelet which can be either casual or sophisticated depending on the time of the day.
A specific reversible buckle has been developed to facilitate the daily use.
Depending of the version, the Voyager collection reveals from 2 to 5 movements in the same case, offering the possibility to have up to 5 time zones in the same timepiece.


The production of timepieces is exclusive and limited.